BCCE, 2YC3 ACS, etc etc.

I am the "Chair Elect" for the 2YC3 (2 year college chemistry consortium) which is affiliated with ACS.  This National 2 Year Chemistry Education Community is very similar to the WCCTA in that the core group of educators is as passionate about Chemical Education as you all are!  I would like to offer you the opportunity to join the 2YC3 at an incredibly inexpensive cost of $25 per year.

The link is www.2yc3.org

It is a wonderful opporuntity to meet with like minded (and non like minded  ) people to discuss the lastest and greatest innovations in Chemical Education. 

We have 2-4 regional meetings per year, and we will be a presence at the National ACS meeting in San Diego and at the BCCE at U of Northern Colorado in Greeley CO.  http://www.unco.edu/bcce2016/schedule.html

The 2YC2 works very closely with the ACS and is more than just another place to share ideas, it is a forum to help make chemical education stronger.

Please join me in joining this group or contact me if you have any questions!